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QUICK SHIP 2AGW Right Hand Tuckable IWB for Glock 43 in Hot Pink Kydex

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QUICK SHIP Glock 43 Right Hand Tuckable IWB in Hot Pink Kydex

A Great EDC for someone who needs the ability to tuck a shirt in for work or different occasions.
  • Features a Tough U.S. made laminated webbing for our IWB loops. This material is super tough and will not stretch or rot. These are cut to fit 1.25”, 1.5” and 1.75” belts. They have Mil-spec Pull-the-Dot ™ snaps that are set in the proper fixture to create the “dot” on the cap.These are the most secure way to run a holster. The snaps only come on and off on way. they are also adjustable for 1.25"-1.75" belts.
  • Perfect for someone who has to tuck in their shirt or garment. the only visible part of the holster will be the loop with snap.
  • The Tuckable struts are injection molded and are designed to be very stiff, perfect for the application. The loops are 4.75" end to end. They have three mounting holes for adjustments. There are three attachment points for the soft loop to allow for ride height adjustments at 1/2" increments. Tiny nibs around the attachment points prevent the soft loop from rotating once it is tightened down.On the back side, around the soft loop mounting points is a ridge of material that is designed not only to stiffen the part, but to prevent the soft loop mounting hardware from contacting and potentially damaging holsters or pistols.
  • Muzzle end is slightly open for easy cleaning and to allow debris and water to pass through.
  • Full Sweat Guard (can be made half or none upon request)
  • All edges are buffed to a smooth matte finish.
  • All hardware is locked down with Vibra-Tite VC-3.
  • All materials and hardware are sourced and made in the USA
  • 60 day returns and Lifetime Warranty - We stand behind all of our gear.


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